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Morris Burner Hotel: Resident and Member Rules and Guidelines

In order to create and sustain a pleasant and enjoyable living and playing environment, the MBH community has communally created this set of rules and guidelines. It allows every resident and member lots of freedom, but with enough restraint that we are all comfortable and safe. At the MBH, we want the “feel” to be like a family unit, and this takes cooperation, compromise, and lots of work. This document is that “living together in peace” guideline, created by the members of our wonderful community, based on their desires, and constructed so everyone knows what is acceptable and what is not. It contains a set of corrective actions, driven by the community itself, designed to help a resident or member understand when they step out of line. It gives people ample freedom to correct their actions, but goes so far as giving the community a clear path to remove a resident or member that the vast majority feel does not fit in the group. As a resident or member of the MBH, you are an example to others, so let’s show them that living by the Ten Burning Man Principles on a day-to-day basis can be done.More Information


The Morris Turns 3 on June 30th!

Join us THIS THURSDAY, June 30th as we celebrate THREE amazing years of existence! Some say this is the age of being an awkward and unruly toddler, or that we are now old enough to be potty trained, but what we know for sure is that we wouldn’t be here without ALL of our amazing members and residents…past and present. It truly does take a village, and we are in the process of ever-growing and expanding our village! Join us for the fun!

What: Morris 3rd Birthday Bash!

Where: Where else? Morris Burner Hostel, 400 East Fourth Street Reno, NV  894512

When: Thursday, June 30th, 6:00 PM

Details: Members only, but we can accommodate you if you’ve let your membership lapse, or you are a new friend! Remember that anyone coming to the Morris and reciting the ten principles from memory and can tell us what they mean to THEM is elligible for a $20 credit towards membership! This can either be a one-month membership, or makes your yearly membership only $30. Come and check us out and join the family!

See ya there!

Letter From the Owner: A Cordial Introduction to the Morris Burner Hotel

Hello, and welcome to the adventure that is the Morris Burner Hotel. In the essence of artistic expression, hundreds of Burners have taken an iconic 1928 four-story brick hotel in the heart of Reno and created a very, very magical place. It is much like the playa in that it changes and inspires you…

When we first walked through the door in Summer 2013, the stench was unbearable, and the dirt so deep that it seemed almost inconceivable that it could ever be clean—but now, as you walk the halls, it is like a beautiful boutique hotel, overflowing with art, music, and crazy, fun-loving Burners. It is also much more than just a hotel. It is a gathering place where you can not only meet like-minded, artistic, hard-driven Burners, but also hatch and execute art plans. You can instantly find out what is happening in Reno, sit around a burn barrel and enjoy our (your) gigantic outdoor permanent playa called the Moasis, join in on any variety of meetings, watch a movie, help prepare a family meal, or just relax. It can be calming or it can be wild; mostly, though, it is friends in a friendly place.

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