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Valentine’s Day.  The year was 1973.   She sat up and stared at herself, looking into the mirror one last time.  Her eyeliner was thick and black; her lipsMore Information

Visitor POV: Down the Rabbit Hole

This article was written by Bruce Anderson, a guest, volunteer, and friend of the Morris Burner Hotel. He has kindly granted us permission to post it here. WeMore Information

Update from The Morris Burner Hotel

People have been asking what we’re doing for the 2014 Burning Man season, and we’ve just received what we needed to let you know. Yesterday the City of RenoMore Information

RGJ Feature of The Morris

We’ve been very fortunate here at the Morris Burner Hotel to be profiled by Liz Margerum, photographer and videographer for the Reno Gazette Journal. Visit tMore Information

The Burning Man Ethos at The Morris

The Burning Man ethos, for the first time in history is being applied to a permanent hotel for artists. At the intersection of old highway 40, train tracks, abaMore Information

Letter From the Owner: A Cordial Introduction to the Morris Burner Hotel

Hello, and welcome to the adventure that is the Morris Burner Hotel. In the essence of artistic expression, hundreds of Burners have taken an iconic 1928 four-story brick hotel in the heart of Reno and created a very, very magical place. It is much like the playa in that it changes and inspires you…

When we first walked through the door a little over a year ago, the stench was unbearable, and the dirt so deep that it seemed almost inconceivable that it could ever be clean—but now, as you walk the halls, it is like a beautiful boutique hotel, overflowing with art, music, and crazy, fun-loving Burners. It is also much more than just a hotel. It is a gathering place where you can not only meet like-minded, artistic, hard-driven Burners, but also hatch and execute art plans. You can instantly find out what is happening in Reno, sit around a burn barrel and enjoy our (your) gigantic outdoor permanent playa called the Moasis, join in on any variety of meetings, watch a movie, help prepare a family meal, or just relax. It can be calming or it can be wild; mostly, though, it is friends in a friendly place.

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